torsdag, april 20, 2006

Napoli - Detaljer knyttet til konkurransene

Vi har mottatt et skriv fra EHLT som sier noen detaljer knyttet til de enkelte sports grener og premieoverrekkelser. Vi tar det her med i engelsk språkdrakt. Eventuelle spørsmål kan tas opp i kommentarfeltet eller på telefon med Marit

Juniors Under 18
Adults 18 - 34
Seniors 35 - 44
Veterans 45 - 54
Sup.veteran 55 - 59
Old boys/girls 60 - 64
Super old boys/girl 65 and above

Juniors, 4 KG
Adults and Seniors, 7.25KG
Veterans, 5KG
Super Vet and Old Boys AND Super Old Boys, 4KG.
Juniors, 3KG
Adults and Seniors, 4.5KG
Veterans, Super Veterans and Old Girls AND Super Old Girls, 3KG.

18 Hole Single Stableford competition
Male, Class one, 0 to 18, class two, 19 to 28
Female, Class one, 0 to 18, class two, 19 to 36.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to the winners in both classes, male and female.

In addition to the winning team being presented with Games medals, the widow of the late Jean Marc Charlot, Madame Raymonde Charlot, Vice President of the European Heart and Lung Transplant Federation, will present the Jean Marc Charlot Trophy, and a further set of medals to the winning team. This presentation is normally the first of the “special” trophies awarded during the closing Gala Dinner.


A “Round Robin” format should be used.

Copies of the timetable should be distributed to the Team Managers on Saturday evening.

Categories may be combined when holding an event, but we again confirm that medals are awarded in all categories, even if there is only one competitor

ACTI are to provide and present EHLTF cups to the best male and female athletes, as described in the Rules and Regulations These cups are retained by the winners.

The EHLTF will supply two Plaques to be awarded to the best male and female athletes. These trophies are being awarded for the first time in Naples and are Perpetual Trophies bearing the names of all previous winners.

The VHT Cups.
The Austrian association will provide the trophies for the best male and female Lung transplanted athletes.

The Jean Marc Charlot Trophy is in the possession of the Polish team who won it in Dublin. If we cannot make contact with the Polish Association we will make alternate arrangements on advice from the French Association.

The Geoffrey Finnigan Perpetual Trophy.
We will make contact with our colleague in the Netherlands, Andre Lassooij to ensure this Trophy is brought to Naples.

The Peter Hansen Trophy.
This Trophy is presented to the host country of the next EHLTG in 2008. ACTI should ensure that the Trophy is inscribed as in previous games.

The EHLTF flag (banner) is also passed over at the same time, this is traditionally carried out during the closing Gala Dinner, at a time convenient to ACTI.

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